For more than 30 years we have been creating the most beautiful and realistic gas logs available. We offer a full line of handcrafted vented gas logs and vent free gas logs in standard and large sizes, for single open and the see-through fireplaces. If you desire to enhance your fireplace with gas logs, we have everything you need to make it happen!







Vent-Free Gas Logs

Ember Glow Series

Hargrove's Ember Glow series vent-free log sets allow you to heat your home with beauty and realism in Vented or Vent-Free applications.

• Larger ember bed

• Vent-free or vented operation

• Premium series

• Natural gas and liquid propane application








Cumberland Char

Heritage Char

Yukon Char

Log Glow Series

Hargrove's Log Glow Series is dual certified for vent-free and vented operation. Compact burner designs are available in both manual and remote control models. The warmth and radiance of the Highland and Charleston Glow will add natural beauty and comfort to your home.

• Glowing front log

• Vent-free or vented operation

• Natural gas and liquid propane applications









Charleston Glow

Highland Glow

Weathered Oak

The Weathered Oak set features a large front split log and multiple flame heights between many top twigs.

• Available in 18" and 24" sizes

• Available with Manual and Millivolt valve, with remote

• Available for Natural Gas or Liquid Propane










Vented Gas Logs

Radiant Heat

Hargrove's Radiant Heat series vented log sets allow you to have the most realistic looking log set with all of the heat you want.

• Radiant Riser technology directs the heat output forward

• Revolutionary molding process gives log detail previously unattainable with Ceramic Fiber Logs

• Ceramic Fiber material and Hargrove's Radiant Riser gives much greater heating efficiency than other vented log sets

• Heat comparable with vent-free sets, with realistic fire and ember bed not possible with vent-free units










Cross Timbers

Rustic Timbers

Woodland Timbers

Aspen Timbers

Fresh Cut

Hargrove's Fresh Cut log sets provide unburned, natural realism and traditional look to your hearth with deep bark and intricate split wood textures.

• Refractory materials capable of withstanding temps over 2000ºF

• Crisp detail Hargrove is known for

• Each log is hand painted

• Reinforced with metal mesh reinforcement for added strength and durability











Classic Oak

Grand Oak

Hargrove Select


Mountain Aspen

Mountain Timber

Western Pine

Charred Styles

Hargrove's Charred Style log sets bring realism to your hearth with our deep bark detail, smokey charring, and natural log stacks.

• Refractory materials capable of withstanding temps over 2000°F

• Crisp detail that Hargrove is known for

• Each log is hand painted

• Reinforced with metal mesh reinforcement for added strength and durability











Blazing Pecan

Canyon Wildfire

Inferno Series

Magnificent Inferno

Supreme Ponderosa

Twilight Inferno

Contemporary Style

Hargrove's Contemporary Systems incorporate our Full Pan Burner with multiple media options to achieve the desired look.

• Offered in 18", 24", and 30"

• Can be used for Single Side, See Through or Peninsula applications

• Utilizes Full Pan Burner System

• Available for Natural Gas or Liquid Propane












Blue Glass


River Stones

Cannon Balls

Refractory Panels

These cut-to-Fit panels can be installed in prefabricated, factory built, zero clearance, and masonry fireplaces. All panels are 1" thick and can replace any panel 1" or smaller.


• Withstands temperatures over 1900 ºF with minimal thermal expansion

• Can be used as a left, right, back, or floor panel

• Available in 23.5" X 27.5" and 23.75" X 39.75"

• 23.5" X 27.5" has a tapered edge for a finished look when used as a left or right panel













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