UltraPro 316Ti


• 6” & 8” inch diameter UltraPro Liner.

• 316 Ti-alloy construction with .005" wall thickness.

• Resists corrosion and high heat.

• Superior crush resistance, with flexibility and resiliency.

• Engineered to be stronger and lighter than any other pipe.

• Patented roll-lock seams are gas tight.

• UL Listed to 1777 Standard for zero clearance and ULC Listed to S635-00.

• Lifetime Transferable Warranty.














The HomeSaver UltraPro 316Ti Alloy Chimney Re-Liner Pipe is a direct reflection of HomeSaver UltraPro's custom machining and superior engineering. HomeSaver UltraPro chimney liners begin with .005-in. thick 316Ti stainless steel which is then vertically corrugated by high-tech machines. A patented roll-lock seam is applied that yields greater strength and increased flexibility compared to more traditional or generic chimney liner pipes.


This liner is intended to be used for venting a wood burning insert and is actually a superior material to 304 stainless. The 316 alloy has a greater resistance to corrosion, in particular chlorides, which are often present in flue gases. The addition of titanium to the alloy yields greater heat resistance than stainless alone. Even though the material in a flex liner is thinner than solid wall pipe, the above attributes combined make for a liner that should last a lifetime in most wood burning applications.


The Homesaver UltraPro is designed to resize a masonry chimney to match the actual flue size on the particular fireplace insert or stove. Properly sizing the chimney to match the flue collar of the insert will optimize the operation and efficiency of today’s wood stoves.

Foil-Face FlexWrap is made of special ceramic fibers that resist separation, making it perfect for installations with bends and offsets. Installing the foil-face FlexWrap keeps the flue temperature hot ensuring a lesser amount of creosote buildup and proper draft of the wood stove.




HomeSaver reline components and accessories are made from high quality 24 gauge 316L stainless steel. Common components include stove adaptors (available in  straight, 15*,  30* & 45*), reducers/increasers, top plates,  slider boxes, elbows, tees & caps with spark arrestors.

You can trust HomeSaver for the ultimate in vent

pipe components and accessories.


UltraPro 316Ti Pre-Insulated Liner


• Patent-pending cover and insulation system.

• Spiral wrap insulation allows liner to flex freely.

• Spiral wrap and taller cover corrugation height eliminates

  the stiffness experienced with other liners.

• Corrugation profile provides durability in the outer shell.

• 316-Ti or 304 UltraPro liner, aluminum outer shell.

• UL pending.

• Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

• OD 1-1/2'' larger than ID.




Components and accessories are the same whether using the HomeSaver UltraPro Pre-Insulated liner or the UltraPro single wall liner.


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